Carlos Lois, Principal Investigator

Carlos did his PhD in the laboratory of Arturo Alvarez-Buylla at the Rockefeller University where he investigated the origins and dynamics of newly-generated neurons during adult neurogenesis in mammals. He did postdoctoral work in the laboratory of David Baltimore at Caltech and MIT, where he developed a transgenic method to genetically engineer species of neurobiological interest. He enjoys playing with his two children, hanging out in the Pacific ocean, and reading fiction. 

Postdoctoral Fellows


Luis Sanchez received his Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the University of Extremadura, Spain. He is trying to understand the mechanisms that control neuronal wiring in the olfactory bulb. In his spare time, Luis likes to hang out and do outdoor activities.


Bo Wang is from Shenyang, China. He is currently involved in projects regarding the organization of olfactory bulb circuits. Before joining Lois lab, he received graduate training in electrophysiology in Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai, China.


Walter Gonzalez was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina but moved to Miami in 2001. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Florida International University in Miami, where he focused on the biophysics of calcium binding proteins. In the Lois Lab, Walter is studying the dynamics of neuronal activity and how it controls behavior in birds and mice using calcium imaging and optogenetics. Walter enjoys the more technical aspect of life and often spends time reading about financial markets or other fields of science.

Graduate Students

Ting-Hao Huang is from Taipei, Taiwan. He received his M.S. in Neuroscience in Taiwan before getting his Ph.D. at UMass Worcester. He is part of the team developing TRACT system- a genetically encoded system for monitoring cell-cell contact. He likes to play baseball and spend his time with his family when he's not in lab. He is skilled at locating free food on campus.



Antuca Callejas is from Badajoz, Spain. She received her M.S. in Neuroscience at the Neuroscience Institute of Alicante (Spain). As a graduate student, she is part of the team developing TRACT- a genetic tool for monitoring cell-cell contact. She is also involved in a project regarding the organization of neural circuits in the olfactory bulb of mice. When Antuca has free time, she likes to travel.


Research Technicians


Aubrie De La Cruz is from Southern California and studied at Cal Poly Pomona for her B.S. in biology. She helps assemble the constructs that are used to help optimize the TRACT signaling system. Aubrie tests the different constructs of the TRACT system using transgenic drosophila. When Aubrie is not in the lab, she enjoys spending time outside and going to concerts.


Anna Harutyunyan is from Yerevan, Armenia. She received a B.S. from Wilson College (Chambersburg, PA) in Chemistry and General Biology. As a technician in the Lois lab, she is in charge of managing transgenic mouse and zebra finch colonies. She also does behavioral experiments with mice. When not in the lab, Anna enjoys traveling and going to the beach. 


Soomin Cho is from Seoul, South Korea. She received a B.S. from the University of South Florida in Cell and Molecular Biology. Soomin constructs plasmids for the TRACT system and produces viruses to test on mammalian cells. When not in the lab Soomin enjoys going to the gym and hunting for new restaurants. 

Former Lab Members

Donghyung Lee (Daniel)
Research Technician (2015-2017). Currently: Graduate Student in Neuroscience Graduate Program at University of California in San Diego.

Tarciso Velho
Postdoctoral fellow (2008-2015). Currently: Assistant professor, University of Natal, Brazil.

Wolfgang Kelsch
Postdoctoral Fellow (2005-2009). Currently: assistant professor at University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Ben Scott
Graduate Student (2003-2010). Currently: Postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University in David Tank's lab. 

Chia-Wei Lin
Graduate student (2004-2010). Currently: Lead scientist at Novartis pharmaceutical company. 

Sanjay Magavi
Postdoctoral fellow (2003-2009). Currently: Group leader at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. 

Alberto Stolfi
Research Technician (2002-2005). Currently: Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Marie Aloof
Research Technician (2009-2014). Currently: Graduate student at University of Florida. 

Barbara Rymeski
Research Technician (2010-2015). Currently: Graduate student at University of Michigan.